IQRA’ has produced more than one hundred and twenty books in various categories and proposes to produce even more. Islam requires it, and our loving children deserve the best.

IQRA’s Program of Islamic Studies

IQRA’ Education Foundation would, in the first phase promote the IIEF Educational Program which has three major characteristics:

  1. Comprehensive: it covers all Islamic subjects and provides textbooks, workbooks and educational material on each subject.
  2. Systematic: it is not haphazard but offers a well-planned system, which covers each level of comprehension and age group.
  3. Integrated: It integrates all Islamic subjects with each other, and various genres of literature with each other, providing reinforcement and proper appreciation of the entire field of study.

IQRA’s Literature

The IQRA’ Program uniquely brings traditional Islamic Madrassah curriculum, similar to that of the renowned Madaris as Al-Azhar and presents it at a level that our children and youth can easily comprehend. IQRA’ has evolved a system to produce a wide range of literature to be used for both classroom situations and at home. The IQRA’ Program includes:

Curriculum and Guidance Books: Carefully designed curriculum defines the scope and sequence of each subject of study. Curriculum and guidance literature is being produced for and parents alike to help them decide the scope of study as well as guide them in dealing with that particular age and each specific subject.

Textbooks: A textbook is a planned reader on a given subject for use in the classroom, preferably under the guidance of teacher. Each subject is divided into planned lessons to be covered over a period of one year or one semester.

Workbook: A workbook is an integrated part of study and aims at reinforcement of the subject and development of certain skills such as sequencing, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, drawing inferences, and problem solving.

Lesson Plans: IQRA’ is engaged in preparing the lesson plans for each textbook (at elementary level) to guide teachers in lesson planing and to facilitate classroom teaching. These lesson plans are specially designed keeping in mind the need of weekend schoolteachers.

Enrichment Literature: Enrichment literature is extra reading on each subject to be followed at home or during library hour. Some of the material may be used for classroom assignments but students are expected to read this material on their own to enjoy and enhance their knowledge of the subject. This literature is developed for each subject and is integrated with curriculum and textbooks.

Educational Aids: This material is designed for further re-enforcement through charts, cards, audio and visual aids. In this category IQRA’ recommends other videos and computer programs professionally prepared by other organizations.

IQRA’s Program of Islamic Studies

The IQRA’ program has developed over twenty-five years and continues to grow each year, meeting the needs of the dynamic Muslim world.

  1. Each IQRA’ book is a work of love, meticulously planned and specially designed for children of specific age groups.
  2. Textbooks are written, edited, and field-tested by educators, scholars and other experts.
  3. Each textbook is complemented by a workbook, which provides exercises in Comprehension, reasoning, analysis, and evaluation
  4. Teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith are incorporated into every textbook through the process of curriculum integration.
  5. Readability has been scientifically controlled in concurrence with the ease and interest of each age group.
  6. Islamic terms are used for each age group, adding more than 250 basic Arabic-Islamic vocabulary words.
  7. Glossaries of Islamic terms and difficult words are provided.

Subjects of Study

After detailed consultations with scholars, educators, parents, and classroom teachers, IQRA’ team developed its program and is providing textbooks and literature in five basic areas like Quranic Studies, Sirah & Hadith, Aqidah, Fiqh, & Akhlaq, Islamic Social Studies, Arabic Language.


IQRA’ Program is produced at four levels covering all standards:
(i) Pre-schools, (ii) Elementary, (iii) Junior and (iv) High School

IQRA Program endeavors to make a Muslim child an Islamic scholar four times during the school years.

Why there are so many books?

No people in the world are more passionate about their religion than Muslims. And yet, no other people in the world, perhaps, are less educated in the world about their religion than Muslims.

IQRA’ has produced more than one hundred and twenty books in various categories and proposes to produce even more. Islam requires it, and our loving children deserve the best. IQRA’ has produced a complete system and an entire library for Muslim children and youth.