Lets build a better understanding among various communities of India by explaining them the true universal message of Islam.

All of IQRA efforts are dedicated to build an Islamic future for our children and youth and present Islam’s eternal message to non-Muslims in its true spirit. We invite you to become our Ansar (Supporter) in this endeavor. In helping IQRA’, you help yourselves:

  • Be an IQRA’ Ansar contributing regularly
  • Sponsor one of the manuscripts for printing; make it a Sadaqah-i- Jariyah for you and those whom you love.
  • Include IQRA’ in your will; it shall ensure Islamic future of our children.
  • Introduce IQRA’ to your friends and relatives and encourage them to purchase IQRA’ books as they are published.
  • Give IQRA’ books and other Islamic books as gifts and prizes